About SuperTech Systems

SuperTech Systems is a Metro Vancouver-based company with a strong dedication to customer service and satisfaction. SuperTech Systems is a leader in Residential and Commercial Alarm Installations and Monitoring for home security and alarm installation. SuperTech has many years experience in existing home installation of Security Systems, Video/Audio and Home Theaters.

SuperTech Systems is a family owned business and has been providing quality security systems for residential and commercial customers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 18 years. Through our knowledgeable technicians and our quality customer service, SuperTech Systems has you covered. Ensuring a flawless install and dependable monitoring. Our 24 hour Monitoring Centers are manned by Trained Professionals whose only focus is the monitoring of your home or office around the clock. Because we’re a single keystroke away from contacting police, fire and hospital personnel, we’re consistently able to provide very fast alarm response.

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