Access control

What is Access Control?

In its most basic form, “access control” is a technology designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel from physically accessing a building or facility.

Any combination of card readers, biometric readers and pin pads can be attached to doors and allow an authorized user to program time schedules, visitor rights and many other characteristics for each specific door.

Why Access Control?

A business’s assets, be they financial, technological or proprietary, need to be protected. An Access Control system will provide you with total control of your building 24/7 and an audit trail of every person that has entered your facility.

Receive alerts and notifications on doors being propped open, certain people entering at certain times and even the ability to remotely unlock a door with a simple mouse click.

Supertech Types of Access Control Systems

IP Network Access Control

IP network based products are slowly becoming the standard in all areas of technology and the same holds true for the access control market. As access control systems continue to become more common and continue to rapidly grow in size, the benefits of an IP network based system are shining. With the ability to easily expand while eliminating dependency on technology that quickly becomes obsolete, IP access control proves to be extremely flexible and scalable.

IP access control will assist in lowering overall investment into security technology while lowering on-going operation and maintenance costs.

Online Web-Based Access Control

Software as a Service (SaaS) is when an application is hosted over the internet as a service to customers. The most common forms of SaaS are online banking, email, and online customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The next generation of IP network based access control is online web-based access control, which follows the SaaS model.

Online access control will lower up-front costs by eliminating the need to invest into technology that quickly becomes obsolete. When investing into online access control, customers can take advantage of lower upfront costs and lower operation and maintenance costs. Online access control will enable you to login to your access control system from anywhere, on any computer, via the internet.

Server based Access Control

Server based solutions are slowly becoming obsolete in all areas of technology and we are seeing the same trend in the access control market. Traditional access control systems required you to purchase expensive software and load it onto a proprietary system. The system required IT involvement to ensure that the software was up-to-date, the data was backed up, and users could access the system on the network.

Alerts and Notification Systems

As an add-on to access control or as a stand-alone system, IP web-based alert notification systems will immediately help improve on security response times while reducing overall operation costs. Security alerts and notifications such as forced entry, open doors, or panic alarms could instantly be sent to handheld devices, email, or monitoring stations.

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